Living in Sydney

Moving to Sydney for awhile is at the top of the 'to do' list for many backpackers with Australian work visas. Living in Sydney will give you a great taste of city life in Australia while being able to enjoy the beaches, nightlife, restaurants and everything else you would expect from one of the most diverse and beautiful cities in the world. Explore this site to see what living in Sydney will be like and to make the move as painless as possible so you can spend more time at the beach!

Sydney Price Guide

Getting an idea of prices is key for anyone moving to a new city so check out this guide for an idea of prices in Sydney to minimise waste and maximise beer money.

Sydney Hostels

Sydney is a hugely popular city with backpackers and has loads of hostels to prove it. Check them out and arrange your first few nights by booking online.

Most Popular Areas

  • Bondi Beach
    Great for beach lovers but pretty and popular and therefore expensive.
  • Coogee
    A lively area with a good beach and lots to do, day and night.
  • Manly
    Beautiful suburb with beaches, surf and a laid back lifestyle.
  • King's Cross
    Some would say seedy and dodgy but good for a cheap night out.

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