Living in Coogee

Coogee is situated 8 kilometres South-East from Sydney CBD and is renowned for its beautiful beach. Coogee is an aboriginal word pronounced 'koojah', which means 'stinking seaweed'. This is referred to the smell of seaweed washed up on the beach. Fortunately though, there is now someone who clears the seaweed up before it starts decaying so the 'stinking seaweed' smell is not as strong as it was all those years ago.


There are not many hostels in Coogee other than Surfside Coogee Beach Hostel, which is a standard 3 star hostel, and there is a party hostel called Coogee Beachside Budget Accommodation. Travellers seeking hostels tend to stay in places like Kings Cross or Bondi then will either walk to Coogee if they are feeling energetic or they catch a train to Bondi Junction then a bus. Coogee Bay Hotel is a popular place to stay or just to hang out. This hotel offers standard rooms and is clean and well kept although a little pricey.

Houseshares are popular in Coogee and Randwick, which is a neighbour area of Coogee. Prices range from $120 to $175 per week for a roomshare and $175+ for your own room in a house.


The people in Coogee are mainly working class families with a sprinkling of students here and there. The people in Coogee are the more laid back when compared to people in Bondi. There is a friendly air about the people of Coogee, you could say it has the gift of having lots of stereotypical easygoing, friendly and approachable Aussies.

Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment

There are many pubs and bars in Coogee but it is just a case of walking round and seeing which one is for you. Discounts and 'What's on boards' are usually outside each venue. Coogee Bay Hotel is a very popular venue for its big screen TVs, DJ, live entertainment, dance, indie, pool, pop, and pub trivia nights. It is a modern Australian place and has a bistro, daily specials and Aussie BBQs on some nights. Palace Beach Hotel is another good venue for drinks with a popular club upstairs.

The nearest cinema is called The Ritz and is located at 39-47 St. Pauls Street in Randwick. This is approximately a 20 minute walk away or you can catch the bus.

Parks and Recreation

There are not really any parks in Coogee, although there are some grassed areas dotted around near to the beach. The nearest park which is worth having a look at is High Cross Reserve and this is on Avoca Street in Randwick. It has a football ground too so you may catch some 'footy' whilst you're there. There are also some parks in Maroubra.

One of the main activities to do in the area is the Coogee to Bondi coastline walk or Coogee to Maroubra walk. This is a very pretty and energetic walk and you can see at least two of the city's main beaches in one day which is ideal if on a tight schedule. Coogee is also a good place for surfing but the surf can sometimes be very big so make sure you check the surfing conditions and weather beforehand.

The main gym in the area is the Beach Fitness Gym which is located on Alfred Street. The Beach Fitness Gym boasts the availibilty of two of the worlds most famous fitness coaches - Paul and Carole Graham.Supported by an array of modern cardio equipment and weights and a top flight support team. Beach Fitness is the gym of choice of many high profile sports, professionals and media people.

Shops, Restaurants and Takeaways

There are many takeaways and cafes in Coogee including Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Italian food. Thai Me Up Takeaway is delicious! You will probably see more Thai takeaways in this one place than you would find Chinatown. Thai food seems to be a very popular choice in Coogee but the area is filled with restaurants and for all tastes. For Example, Five O's is a gorgeous place to eat and have a few drinks. The menu caters for the steak lover at a very reasonable price.

The shops at Coogee cater for everyones lifestyles and there are a range of small boutiques scattered up and down the main street. Amenities are close at hand if you need a doctor or chemist they can be found on the main street.


The suburb is now well served by buses, with routes to the Sydney CBD via Randwick, and also to Bondi Junction, Eastgardens via Kingsford and Maroubra and Leichhardt via Glebe and Newtown. If you are catching the bus from the City, the bus stops are either on Elizabeth Street, near to St James Station where you can catch the number 373 or you can catch the bus on Elizabeth Street opposite Bathurst Street where you can catch the 374 bus.

If you want to catch the train from the City then you would get on the train at Town Hall and get off at Bondi Junction. From Bondi Junction you can either walk to Coogee or catch the 353 bus from Bondi Junction Interchange. Bondi Junction is the closest train station to Coogee.

Good Points

  • Great bars and restaurants offering good value for money food and drinks
  • The beach is lovely and the sea is a very good place for both beginner surfers and experts depending on the time of the year
  • Close to central Sydney

Bad Points

  • Coogee is quite small so can sometimes become crowded
  • Accommodation here can be quite expensive compared to other places in Sydney

Areas of Sydney

  • Bondi Beach
    Great for beach lovers but pretty and popular and therefore expensive.
  • Chatswood
    Multicultural area close to the city centre has everything you may need.
  • Coogee
    A lively area with a good beach and lots to do, day and night.
  • Darlinghurst
    Accepting of all types of people and lively at all hours of the night.
  • Glebe
    An artsy, multicultural suburb filled with students and backpackers.
  • Haymarket and Chinatown
    Asian influences abound in this lively area.
  • King's Cross
    Some would say seedy and dodgy but good for a cheap night out.
  • Manly
    Beautiful suburb with beaches, surf and a laid back lifestyle.
  • Newtown
    Crammed with funky clothing stores, cafes and bars playing live music.
  • Randwick
    Nice, relaxed area that is close enough to the beach.
  • Surry Hills
    Close to the centre of Sydney and full of character.

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