Living in King's Cross

King's Cross is one of the more interesting places to go in Sydney with a reputation for being seedy and a red light district to match. It is situated in the Sydney's CBD and is one of the more run down areas when compared to other places in the City. Entering the area through King's Cross train station will probably leave you feeling like that the area hasn't got much to offer other than the drugs and prostitution but, fear not, because theres more to it than that. King's Cross is an eye opener and can be lots of fun and is a must visit for anyone living in Sydney.


There are so many hostels in King's Cross but you need to be very careful when choosing the right one. For example, hostels on Victoria Street which are advertising as really cheap should be avoided since it is likely that the following day you will end up with bites all over your body from the bed bugs. But if you do a bit of research, good hostels can be found in King's Cross. Hostels which seemed fine were the Jolly Swagman, the Funkhouse Hostel, and Forbes Terrace Hostel on Forbes Street, all for AU$150 per week.

Share houses are also available in King's Cross and range from approx AUS$100 to $150 per week per person and you will be sharing a room with at least one other person. Studios are also available for one person or a couple and they are on average AU$350 a week.


King's Cross is full of all kinds of people from all different walks of life. People who you never thought existed! The area is full of locals with a bit of flare, hookers, drug dealers and all of the seedy types that any city has. Travellers tend to congregate here too because of the cheap hostels and vast amount of bars and clubs.

Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment

The nightlife in King's Cross is superb and why many people stay here or get a train and go out in the area. Along with the many strip clubs, there are also plenty of good bars and clubs catering for all genre styles. The nightlife in King's Cross is very popular with travellers as it is one of the cheapest places to go out in Sydney.

You have the famous World Bar which is on Bayswater Road and is a great night out. It serves some of its alcohol in teapots and has an energetic, fun atmosphere. Empire Bar is also a popular place to drink and most hostels have offers in conjunction with this bar so that, on most nights, free drinks and discounts are available. Then there is Moulin Rouge which may sound like a dodgy strip club but is actually a really brilliant nightclub playing all styles of music depending on which night you go. Club Yu is also one of the good nightclubs here but can be renowned for drug use.

In general the nightlife in King's Cross is awesome as everything is so close together... the train station, hostels, bars and clubs with cheap drinks, restaurants, fast food places, shops etc. Plus everything is open until the early hours of the morning so you have everything you need in one place.


There are many parks in and around King's Cross which you can walk around, have a picnic or sunbathe in. Hyde Park, which is a 15 minute walk down William Street, is really pretty and one of the bigger parks in the City. It has monuments and lots of green areas and benches to sit on. Keep an eye out for any events or festivals going on there all year round as they are brilliant atmosphere. At night in Hyde Park you can see possums in their natural habitat.

There is a small park closer to King's Cross at the end of Victoria Street (corner of Challis Avenue) that many people go to for a walk or a spot of sunbathing. If you walk from the main strip of King's Cross for 15 minutes down Bayswater Road you will get to a place called Rushcutters Bay and on the left is a harbour and a park area which is really pretty.

Shops, Restaurants and Takeaways

Restaurants in King's Cross are few and and far between but Bourbon, on the main strip (Darlinghurst Road) is really cheap for travellers and does $10 steaks. There are restaurants with similar offers on Bayswater Road but it's just a case of having a walk round and seeing what discounts are on or asking at one of the hostels. Takeaways and cafes are everywhere in Kings Cross and are good value for money. Try a Pie Face... they are lovely for a light snack on an afternoon.

Most shops are located on either Darlinghurst Road or Macleay Street. There are sex shops, souvenir shops, clothes shops and supermarkets. The cheapest supermarket is Woolworths on Macleay Street.


King's Cross has great transport links to areas all over Sydney. If you are staying there for a week, it is an idea to get a weekly train ticket which really is good value for money as it actually works on trains, buses and ferries. Walking into the City only takes about 20 minutes and is its a nice stroll through Hyde Park and Woolloomooloo.

Good Points

  • Great value for money
  • Excellent transportation links
  • A very exciting and upcoming place
  • Great for a cheap night out

Bad Points

  • Red light area (although it is calming down a bit)
  • Some accommodation is dodgy so be careful about where you stay

Areas of Sydney

  • Bondi Beach
    Great for beach lovers but pretty and popular and therefore expensive.
  • Chatswood
    Multicultural area close to the city centre has everything you may need.
  • Coogee
    A lively area with a good beach and lots to do, day and night.
  • Darlinghurst
    Accepting of all types of people and lively at all hours of the night.
  • Glebe
    An artsy, multicultural suburb filled with students and backpackers.
  • Haymarket and Chinatown
    Asian influences abound in this lively area.
  • King's Cross
    Some would say seedy and dodgy but good for a cheap night out.
  • Manly
    Beautiful suburb with beaches, surf and a laid back lifestyle.
  • Newtown
    Crammed with funky clothing stores, cafes and bars playing live music.
  • Randwick
    Nice, relaxed area that is close enough to the beach.
  • Surry Hills
    Close to the centre of Sydney and full of character.

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